Director of Photography —  

Lionel Tan

Lionel Tan is an international event photographer based in San Francisco. Lionel specializes in capturing the story of a group's experience through his photos.  

Lionel graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in creative writing and Spanish. He has photographed for major companies and events in over 22 countries. 


Specialties: Events, Portraits, & Product





Cait Adkins

Cait Adkins is originally from the Midwest, but now resides in San Francisco. She holds a BFA in photography from Emporia State University and is currently pursuing her MFA.  

She works freelance, photographing both city and private events. She most notably photographed at Dew Tour 2012 and worked as a Primary Stills Photographer on the set of Fruitvale Station.

Her work has been published in the likes of The New York Times, GQ, and Esquire.  


Specialties: Events, Festivals, Concerts, & Sports



Sarah Arnold

Sarah Arnold has been a photographer for 10 years shooting events, weddings, and fashion. She picked up a camera at age 12 and learned that she was able to show her perspective of beautiful moments through timeless images. She started studying photography at a local college while still in middle school.

She shot her first event when I she was 14 and instantly fell in love with the people, the energy, and the photographs that came from candid moments. Her past clients love her discerning eye and knack for detail.


Specialties: Events, Weddings, & Fashion



Aubrey Gigandet

Aubrey Gigandet is a student at San Francisco State University studying photojournalism in hopes of becoming a traveling photojournalist. She has been shooting for a little over four years and focuses mostly on environmental portraits with an artistic approach. 

She aims to capture the still frames that unearth emotion, the photos that you look back on that bring tears of joy to your eyes or make you laugh out loud.


Specialties: Portraits, Travel, & Events




Alex Lexson

Alex Lexson is a highly passionate professional who has spent the last 12 years providing the highest quality customer experience to clients. She is detailed oriented, a fast learner, and personable.

Photography has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. She saw her mom snap photos on her 35mm film camera on her first day of school and was hooked.

Her focus is to provide personalized service and a comfortable experience to every client. She is always willing to go above and beyond to create a unique experience. 

"Alex Lexson is an amazing photographer! I have worked with her on multiple occasions and she has been a pleasure to work with and her photos have turned out just perfect. I give walking tours of San Francisco and Alex has always found the best shots to highlight our hikes. She is also great at putting myself and my passengers at ease, getting us beautiful candid and group photos. I would recommend her highly and would be lucky to have her along on any of my tours again!" -Lily


Specialties: Events, Portraits, Festivals, & Lifestyle



Ross Marlowe

Ross Marlowe is an Oakland-based photographer specializing in events and portraiture. He says that he is always working for that satisfaction in creating a strong image.  

He began his career shooting landscape and wildlife a few years ago, and has since fallen in love with capturing the nature of people. His photography is focused on moments.  He likes that an image does not seek to represent a moment, but rather becomes a new thing all its own.

"It was a delight working with Ross. His patience and subtle direction fostered a comfortable environment and made for an enjoyable session."  -Candice M. Tsegga.


Specialties: Events & Portraits



Andrea Vodičková

Andrea Vodičková is a lifestyle photographer that focuses on portraits, weddings, and events. Eight years ago, she picked up a camera for the first time and has been in love with the craft ever since.

"Me and my wife feel so blessed that Andrea wa the phographer of our wedding...her picture carry a mesmerizing tone with them" said groom Sam Nejati, whose wedding Vodičková photographed in January 2014.


Specialties: Portraits, Weddings, & Events



Tony Contini

 Tony is an event photographer from Reno, Nevada. His love for photography was sparked in journalism school. Tony felt comfortable behind the camera, and was filled with the drive to continuously create better images in all conditions.

Throughout and after college, he worked for publications, studios, sports teams, companies and camera shops. He says, " I love being a fly-on-the-wall - making compelling images without interfering with the subject, as well as creating environmental posed portraits". 


Specialties: Weddings, Concerts, Portraits



Ania Jankowska

Ania is a native from Poland who moved to San Francisco to study and train as an art and antiques restorer. Her initial interest in photography came with a birthday gift, a camera. Her passion soon grew into something much larger and now Ania lives to capture that perfect moment by using her own unique perspective.

As as an event and wedding photographer, Ania understands the importance of preserving special moments and makes every effort to ensure your photographs are of the highest quality.

"Ania is willing to spend as much time as you need, to get the picture you all will love." -Gretchen Kyle


Specialties: Nature, Landscapes, Portrait, Sports Photography



Greg Goodman

Photography has been my passion since childhood; when my parents gave me a camera instead of a sibling to keep me company. In the years since, I have traveled the world and documented the journey through photographic storytelling.

Along the way, my photographic work has been featured in exhibitions, publications, trade shows, private collections and Web sites around the globe. Most recently, I starred in a National Geographic TV show about my travels. You can watch it at

Now, I’m back in the Bay and can’t wait to help document your beautiful events. 


Specialties: Travel, Digital Photographic Art



Jojo Villanueva

Jojo Villanueva is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Jose. He grew up in the bay area where he graduated with a degree in engineering. After college he began working in the medical device industry. He soon realized that he would rather be behind a camera than behind a desk. Realizing his true passion, Jojo focused on learning the art and techniques used to create a great image. His goal is to use his artistic vision and creativity to capture those moments that people wish could last forever. 

"We hired Jojo to shoot corporate head shots for us and he was fantastic.Very professional and friendly, he arrived early and ready to work; he got along great with all our employees. We'll definitely be using his services in the future." -Bobby Yee


Specialties: Corporate Events, Portraits, Events



Eli Africa

Besides Photography, Eli sees through a lens with an aesthetic and discipline from being trained in various traditional media. His professional experience includes collaborating with event planners, ad agencies, design houses, non-profits, start-ups, retail stores, web developers and the education industry.


Specialties: Events, Portraits



Erik Schappert

Erik was raised in the beautiful and busy city of San Francisco and started his long time joy of taking pictures at 12. At a young age he began capturing images of all the diverse people and scenery of his surroundings.

After shooting his first wedding, he finally realized what his photography was meant to do and decided to dedicate his time to capturing life long memories for couples starting their lives together.

He considers it a great joy to spend time with people on their most special days and help them remember that time for a lifetime.

"Erik took candid photos of my children during a casual session at my home and around my neighborhood. He let my kids be themselves and without stress captured many facets of their personalities in a seemingly effortless fashion.”  -Anna S.


Specialties: Weddings, Portraits, Events



Johnny Yeh

Johnny Yeh was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the States in his teens. His background is in graphic design/ illustration where he developed a keen eye and deep appreciation for art through school and work. In his spare time he enjoys traveling and joining local activities. He is patient, responsible and really easy going. His style is candid, focused on capturing the in the moment look. 

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing and enjoying Johnny’s photo journalistic skills over several of his assignments. I am particularly impressed with his ability to capture the moods and emotions of people through candid photography at events of moderate attendance to those numbering in the thousands." -Harvey Fong


Specialties: Events, Company Events, Pets, Children


Photographer- Roozbeh Jarfarzadeh

Roozbeh was born in 1976, he discovered his passion for photography ten years ago. He likes to use his graphic design background and apply it to his photo shoots. One of his best photography experiences was working for the De Young Museum in San Francisco where he discovered his expertise in Event Photography.

His hobbies include painting and cartoon drawing and frequently holds his work in exhibitions.


Specialties: Events, Food, Portraits, Conferences




Sally Yu

Sally has always appreciated the beauty in the simple joys and blessings of life. She uses photography as a medium for showcasing and sharing her perspectives. Sally finds enjoyment in photographing people and has a range of experience from large events to individual portraits.  She strives to capture the fleeting, candid moments that are often forgotten. Sally says she is grateful to be a photographer and honored to help you remember your most treasured life events.


Specialties: Portraits, Events, Travel



Sarah Wilde

Sarah grew up in a darkroom.  Her dad worked for the local newspaper and so she spent a lot of time as a child watching journalists develop photographs, believing it was a type of magic. As a photographer, she loves props, places, and playing with lighting. She loves the candid moments that shake out of posed photo sessions and loves creating a space where people feel comfortable enough to allow some truth of who they are to become exposed.

Sarah has lived in Israel, Prague and India. When she met her husband she found a permanent home. When she had her son she felt like she could see the whole world in his eyes and embraced a new found patience for the moments, small and large. She really loves capturing the sparks between people that make them feel alive and beautiful, because life is full of moments that are subtly amazing, and it all goes by so fast. To have some of those on permanent record, is comforting, no matter how awkward it feels to have them taken.

In her own life, as well as professionally, she tries to capture moments of the story, because everyone has a story and she feels so fortunate every time she is able to be a part of someone else’s.


Specialties: Portraits, Newborn, Children



Sean Greeley

Sean is 29 years old and has lived in Sacramento all his life. He is now a full time photographer who loves to capture special moments in people's lives. Sean has done photography in a variety of fields such as sports, portraits, weddings and blogs. After marrying his high school sweetheart and having a four year old daughter, Sean has become an expert in children's portraits, where he's developed a strong sense of patience to get the perfect shot.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys spending time with his family at the beach paddle boarding and surfing.


Specialties: Portraits, Weddings, Events, Children, Sports



Kristine Lee

Kristine Lee is a freelance photographer and videographer based in San Jose. She enjoys capturing emotional, story-telling moments in beautiful ways. An aspiring documentary filmmaker, she understands the importance of documenting valuable memories, and hopes to bring joy and create dialogue for those who view her work. 

Kristine began taking photography seriously at UC Davis photographing campus events and student activities. She also directed the Entertainment Department at UC Davis’ broadcast studio, documenting everything from student activities to musical performances. Throughout her experiences, she is grateful to have met and worked with talented photographers and videographers who influence her work and keep her inspired.


Specialties: Events, Candids, Film



Wiseley Fong

Wiseley's passion for photography began back in 2008 when his close friend introduced him to long exposure photography. This completely dispelled any preconditioned ideas that DSLRs were simply point and shoot cameras, but rather tools to showcase something from a different perspective.

Over the years, Wiseley has traveled to many countries and documented his adventures in order to share with friends and family. The reality is, moments happen once; it's easy to recreate an event but impossible to carry over the authenticity and memories that come with the original. 

Whether it's a special day or not, there's beauty in every moment and Wiseley hopes to use his love of photography to create pictures that can evoke these feelings and emotions once more.


Specialties: Travel, Nature, Landscape, Portrait



Sonia Seelinger

Sonia is a Las Vegas native who loves people, food, music, and photography. She studied film in college, received a BA, and it has now become a way she communicates to those around her. In every image there is a story and that is what she aims to express.

Have you ever caught yourself wishing you had taken that one picture at that one moment in time? That's what Sonia tries to capture. Those moments you don't want to forget, the ones that make you smile, laugh, even cry.

"Sonia is super fun to work with! She brings so much energy it makes me excited!"-Stacey Dougan

Specialties: Events, Portraits, Maternity, Weddings